Daniel Wiseman : Digital Product Designer : UX Designer

Based in Toronto, I do UX/UI design for software and situated experiences.

With nine years of experience, I can help your team create fluid digital products and experiences that delight customers. My approach to design is both creative and analytical, valuing intuition as well as evidence, play as well as process.

I’ve done work for RBC, Canadian Tire, Mastermind Toys, Investors Group, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, Volkswagen, Subaru, and McDonalds, as well as startups and non-profits.

A little more about me: I love physical knobs and switches, fountain pens, code, and real books. With a ceaseless curiosity that includes interest in architecture and urbanism, language and music, economics and political theory, history and biography, I strive to bring ideas and models from many disciplines to my work. I intermittently play with painting, photography, and robotics, and also play synthesizers and other keyboard instruments.


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