Daniel Wiseman : Digital Product Designer : UX Designer

McDonald's Canada Mobile App

McDonald's Canada had two outdated mobile apps, a restaurant locator and a nutrition calculator. Our team at Tribal Worldwide, together with the development team at Konrad Group, designed and built a new unified app with a robust feature set and a modern UI.

The app focused around three core features: nutrition information, restaurant locator, and coupons. The app home screen displays contextual product and offer suggestions based on time of day and weather. The closest restaurant location is always available on the home screen. Together with the team, I conceived the feature set and app structure. I then crafted user flows and wireframes and worked closely with visual design and development to bring the product to life.

After launch, we added Fry Defender to the app. Fry Defender allows users to use their mobile device as a french fry theft prevention system. When armed, the app uses the front-facing camera to detect motion and take photographic evidence of fry theft in progress. I designed and prototyped the user flow and interaction patterns for this feature.

IA/UX: Daniel Wiseman / Visual design: Earvin Fanfair / Development: Konrad Group / QA: Enzo Licata / Copywriting: Tracy Wan / Design lead: Norma Penner / UX director: Jarrod Beaton / Creative team (Fry Defender): James Leake, Jamie Spears / Creative direction: Josh Stein / Producers: Neem Ba Ha, Ella Gruber, Pat Elia / Account: Susan Grant

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