Daniel Wiseman : Digital Product Designer : UX Designer

UI Design

Some explorations of user interface design, focusing on simplicity, minimalism, and strong use of typography and colour.


A desktop application concept for a two-pane personal information manager, displaying its Reminders functionality. Emphasis was on presenting a clean mouse-driven interface. Designed using Sketch.

Seller's Account

Concept for a dashboard for an e-commerce seller account, where the user can view their account balance, sales data, and recent transactions. This exploration focused on visualizing and displaying data in an approachable manner. Designed using Sketch.

Fitness Tracker

This app concept allows the user to track their weight, their calories consumed and remaining per day, and their activity via pedometer. The design places the two input buttons along the arc of motion available to the user's thumb when the device is held in their right hand. Colour is used to differentiate between input (buttons) and output (charts). Designed using Photoshop.

Chat App

A chat messenger conversation view, based on the familiar pattern. Presents a warm and approachable yet minimal clean design. Designed using Sketch.

Calendar: Day View

Displays the day's events in a linear view. Subtle use of shadows creates depth while retaining a contemporary design aesthetic. A new invitation appears inline. Uses a consistent colour to indicate tappable elements. Designed using Sketch.

Apartment Rental

Envisioning a way to quickly browse apartments for rent. The design focuses on presenting the most important information using clear, easy to read typography. User actions are readily identifiable via the green colour. Designed using Photoshop.