Daniel Wiseman : Digital Product Designer : UX Designer

STEM Village iPad App

STEM Village is an online platform that helps students learn the skills that will help them get lucrative and in-demand jobs in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The platform guides students through a curriculum in each of the disciplines, tests their learning along the way, and rewards them for mastering skills.

Together with the team at Tribal Worldwide, Toronto, I worked to define the feature set, map out the user flows and backend logic, and craft wireframes for the experience. I then worked with designers and developers to build the platform. We conducted two user testing sessions with students in a grade 6 classroom to validate and help evolve our designs.

IA/UX: Daniel Wiseman / Visual design: Earvin Fanfair / Development: Paul Jara, Andrew Amistad, Justin Masse, Andrew Kish / Technical director: Dylan Dempsey / QA: Enzo Licata / Copywriting: Frank Macera / Design lead: Norma Penner / UX director: Jarrod Beaton / Producers: Ella Gruber and Pat Elia / Account: Andrew McCartney

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