Daniel Wiseman : Digital Product Designer : UX Designer

Designing technology for people.

Based in Toronto, I use the methods of User Experience Design to design usable and useful software.

My core strengths are analytical thinking and meticulous attention to detail. I believe it's critical to quickly move from concept to prototype. I love good design and typography as much as I love technology. Along with a deep understanding of usability and design principles, I am conversant in HTML5 / CSS3, and play with JavaScript and other forms of code.

Things are most exciting at intersections. Human and technological, physical and digital, hand-crafted and algorithmic, traditional and transformative. I love minimalism, physical knobs and switches, fine stationary, code, and real books. Fascinated by language, architecture, urbanism, and the philosophy of science and history of innovation, I abhor disciplinary boundaries. I intermittently play with painting, photography, and electronics.

Originally from Vancouver, I obtained a BA from the University of British Columbia and completed the Digital Design program at VFS.


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