Daniel Wiseman : Digital Product Designer : UX Designer

VW Sportwagon Web-based Game

Volkswagen Canada was launching the Golf Sportwagon. They were searching for a fun immersive way to introduce Canadians to this sporty family car. Our team at Tribal Worldwide designed and built a web-based scavenger hunt game, where players search for Golf Sportwagons and other items hidden in an illustrated map of Canada. Together with the team, I was involved in defining the game mechanics and user flows. I designed each screen in wireframes and then supported the visual designer, copywriter, and developers as we built the game and continued to refine the experience.

IA/UX: Daniel Wiseman / Visual design: Earvin Fanfair / Illustration: Blame Your Brother / Development: Andrew Kish and Justin Masse / QA: Enzo Licata / Copywriting: Eric Grimes / Art direction: Carla Rimando / Design lead: Norma Penner / UX director: Jarrod Beaton / Technical director: Dylan Demsey / Creative direction: Trent Thompson and Barb Williams / Producers: Lorrie Zwer and Joanna Lee / Account: Liam Steuart and Adam Fraser

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